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The Best Vegan Skin Care Products

The Best Vegan Skin Care Products

The Best Vegan Skin Care Products

Here are some of our favourite vegan skin care products to help you achieve beautiful, cruelty-free skin!


What Are the Benefits of Vegan Skin Care?

It fits with our ethos - Be kind to your skin and Kind to our planet! Why would anyone choose to shop cruelly?

Did you know going vegan is one of the best things you can do for your skin and also for our planet! Don't get us started about climate change! The meat & dairy industry has a lot to answer for. Did you know going 100% dairy free is the best thing you can do for acne prone skin this not only stops cruelty to animals it also helps to greatly reduce carbon emissions.

We still have a long way to go, but at least we now have a lot more great vegan options than we used to a few years ago. It really is quite simple, the more we continue to shop vegan the better our world will become! It is our time to take back the power, and change bad habits, so let's all help to shop more ethically and let’s make our world a better place for all!

Vegan skin care is free of animal-derived ingredients and any form of animal cruelty or animal testing! Natural ingredients are used in the formulation of products. Additionally, vegan skin care products can include chemically synthesised ingredients that are toxin-free.

Believing a product can't deliver impressive results just because it's vegan is a myth!

The Best Vegan Skin Care Products


All-natural ingredients, antioxidants, extracts, minerals and vitamins can address all kinds of skin concerns.

With the right vegan ingredients, signs of ageing, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, dullness, acne, and inflammatory skin conditions can be dramatically improved.

Many conventional skincare products contain animal-derived ingredients that can trigger inflammatory skin reactions and cause congestion. They are often formulated with toxic synthetic chemicals that disrupt hormone levels in the body.

Vegan-friendly processes also allow for the extraction of some ingredients traditionally derived from animals. The chemical compound glycerin, for instance, can be produced by fats or oils derived from plants or animals.

At Skin O2 we pride ourselves on our vegan and cruelty free products. You, our animal friends, and our planet in general, deserve the very best!

You can shop our full range of Skin O2 vegan skincare products on our website or you can shop our full range of Vegan mineral Makeup. Our vegan skincare and vegan makeup is clean beauty which means there are no animal products and no toxic or irritating chemicals, dyes or fragrances so they are safe and suitable for all skin types including problematic or sensitive skins.

Here are some of our best-loved vegan skin care and vegan makeup products and how the key ingredients in each deliver healthy skin.



This is one of our most popular vegan skincare products. The super-hydrator of all skin types is our Hyaluronic Serum Kit. This serum fights dehydration by its fast absorption into the target area thus moisturising, plumping, and repairing the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin, and it also occurs naturally throughout our bodies. Here, it's part of our water management system, since it holds a thousand times its own weight in water, which keeps our skin moist from the inside out.

The Best Vegan Skin Care Products - Hyaluronic Acid Serum Kit

Our skin's internal moisture balance is essential for cellular communication, regeneration, and barrier function. Hyaluronic acid contributes to our skin's ability to stay moisturised in other ways as well. In skin care products, Hyaluronic Acid traps water molecules and pushes them into the skin cells. Our skin's surface cells soak up moisture and expand as a result. As a result, any gaps that may have formed from older cells drying out are sealed, thus strengthening the skin's barrier. Additionally, these outer cells are not subject to the same rules as the live cells in the dermis, so they are able to absorb more water than is required. As a result of the super-hydration, skin looks smoother and more radiant, erasing fine lines and wrinkles as they swell.

This multi molecular, highly concentrated premium plump and hydrate formula has both a longer lasting & deeper anti-ageing wrinkle fighting effect. Infused with added plant based collagen this cosmeceutical anti-ageing wrinkle fighting serum helps to plump up the skin & lock in longer lasting hydration. Safe and suitable for all skin types, it comes in a Two-Piece Kit, with Plant based Hyaluronic Serum (HA-AC-C) 15ml & a Tri-Peptide Plant Based Collagen Mask!

  • High Concentrated Formula
  • Deeper anti-aging effect
  • Firms and smooths
  • Re-hydrates and plumps
  • Reduces open pores
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

As a result, our Hyaluronic Serum Kit is extremely effective at boosting the skin's moisture levels, plumping and restoring its moisture barrier.

Depending on how hyaluronic acid is created for skincare formulations it may or may not be vegan. Non-vegan hyaluronic acid is derived from the combs of roosters, while vegan hyaluronic acid for vegan skin care like our skin o2 vegan skincare is derived from wheat. The collagen in our formulas is from marine seaweed and a unique algae fermentation process.

The Best Vegan Skin Care Products - Hyaluronic Acid Serum Kit


Our vegan Hyaluronic Serum Kit is made up of (HA-A-C-C) 2% Hyaluronic Serum + 1% Vitamin A in the form of Retinol palmitate (RP), 2 % Vitamin C (SAP) & Collagen. These ingredients are all plant based with no animal products or animal testing!



Use daily (morning and night) by applying 2-3 drops of serum to clean skin, before you apply your moisturiser. For best results, always cleanse & exfoliate your skin properly & pre-hydrate skin with SkinO2 Hydrating Spritz Toner. Use the Plant based Vegan Tri-Peptide Collagen Mask as a special self care booster treatment as desired. Cleanse and exfoliate face, apply the mask & relax for 20 minutes. Remove mask & massage excess residue into the face and you're done!



Our cream cleanser is a gentle, hydrating cleanser that is soap free & PH balanced. Softens and hydrates skin without causing dryness or irritation. Fragrance free & made with natural botanicals such as aloe vera, lavender oil and shea butter. It's suitable as a face & eye makeup remover & 100% Cruelty free and vegan. Key ingredients and benefits are:

The Best Vegan Skin Care Products - Cream Cleanser


Aloe is a cactus-like succulent-looking plant that grows in hot, dry climates. It is grown in subtropical regions throughout the world, including many regions of our beloved country Australia. Aloe vera is more than 95% water, so it is a naturally vegan ingredient and is renowned for its moisture-providing, skin repairing, and calming properties.

Aloe Vera contains multiple constituents with active components including vitamins (vitamins A (beta-carotene), C, E, and B12), enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acid, and amino acids. Aloe vera may also assist in the reduction of inflammation, hyperpigmentation and acne because of its well-researched anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.



This vegan product provides gentle nourishment to the skin and has extensive anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter has also been reported to have anti-aging properties. The rich tree-nut oils in shea butter can soak into your skin, creating a soft and smooth barrier that can seal in moisture.



Lavender & Frangipani Oil both help to calm, restore and renew the skin.

The Best Vegan Skin Care Products - Cream Cleanser


  1. Apply a small amount of product to damp skin, gently massage into your face
  2. Rinse off with warm water

Pro-Tip: For best results, use morning and night. Cleanse twice if wearing makeup. Can be used to remove eye makeup.

Use together with our Facial Cleansing Flower Brush or ECO Reusable Facial Cleansing Pads for enhanced results.



The Mineral Makeup Starter Box is our best award winning Vegan mineral makeup pack. The best way to start your healthy skincare journey is to compliment your daily skincare with healthy vegan makeup.

Get ready to fall in love with these iconic Skin O2 Vegan mineral makeup favourites. The Mineral Makeup Starter Box features four makeup products for you to try out, or to simply stock up on, for on-the-go or for your daily makeup routine at home. Safe and suitable for all skin types.

The Mineral Makeup Starter Box Bundle contains:

The Best Vegan Skin Care Products - Mineral Makeup Starter Box


Radiance Mineral Primer:

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide 8
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
  • Vitamin E
  • Titanium Dioxide (naturally occuring mineral)


Mineral Foundation Compact:

  • Honeysuckle extract
  • MAP Vitamins C, A, K, E
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins & Minerals (Titanium Dioxide)




If you are looking for high quality vegan skincare with no toxic chemicals and ready to get started on your skin health journey or need help with your skin. Why not try our Free Doctors Skin Quiz!


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