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The Secrets Of Lip Gloss - Skin O2

The Secrets Of Lip Gloss

It’s that familiar little stick that you see in all makeup bags – and no, it’s not lipstick. Lip gloss was introduced relatively late to the family of makeup, but has managed to stay in the spotlight in all our hearts (and lips) as the more subtle version of the lipstick.

While Skinlovers everywhere may know where, what color and when to use lip gloss, few are aware of how that little tube found a spot in makeups kit in the first place. Turns out the history is more interesting than you’d think.

Not lipstick

First of all, it’s important to remember what makes lip gloss different from lipstick – the reason why they were invented in the first place. Lipstick was seen as something too opaque and tended to stand out on occasion, which was fine. However, people soon realised that they needed something more subtle – but at the same time, something that could still make their lips shine.

Thanks, Poland!

So around 1930, a man called (and we’re not kidding) Max Factor (real name Maksymilian Faktorowicz) from Poland who immigrated to the United States started making lip gloss – a derivative of lipstick that would make lips shimmer, not just stand out. The business was a huge success, and he founded the Max Factor line of cosmetics, which was eventually acquired by Procter and Gamble.

Glitz, glamour, and cinema

Lip gloss was used a lot (like most makeup in their infancy) by movie stars and television hosts, who needed an extra way to stand out in front of television and cinema without using anything fancy in post-editing. In particular, Max Factor’s cosmetic line was made solely for the uses of the entertainment industry in the beginning – and of course, that included lip gloss. But soon after, they expanded their market to the audiences at home who wanted the product to emulate their favourite media personalities.

Not just for women

One of the other things that pushed lip gloss to a more prominent place in the makeup cabinet was thanks to another cosmetics company called Bonnie Bell, which created a lip gloss specifically for teenagers. Called Lip Smackers, these flavoured lip glosses became such a hit that they remain popular among teenagers today, and have even partnered with several major brands such as Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper.


More than just a look

Today, while lip gloss is still a staple for giving lips that subtle shine and shimmer, they also do much more than just making you look fabulous. Some lip gloss (like SkinO2’s Plump-A-Licious) also contain natural minerals and other compounds like Vitamin E to not only plump up your lips but protect them from the elements as well! How’s that for the evolution of fabulousness?

So the next time you take out that little tube, remember all the things it’s been through to get in your purse or makeup cabinet – and thank the people who made it possible for you to become that fabulous. Shine on, Skinlovers! 

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