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Start Anew, New You! - Skin O2

Start Anew, New You!

Why hello, 2016!

Aren’t we all excited to get a fresh start this New Year? It may sound cliché at this point, but remember that this ‘fresh start’ could mean many things, including getting a fresh outlook on life – whatever we have in our lives! Read up on the ways to take action and prepare for the great new year that lies ahead:

Plan and schedule.

This is why people get planners as gifts, isn’t it? Have at least one monumental plan for the year – have your great getaway (or staycation), stay fit all year, or buy that one thing you’ve been eyeing for the longest time. Of course, remember that a plan will just stay a plan if you don’t follow through! Book your flights as early as now, follow your diet and exercise regimen religiously, or save up and keep tabs on your savings – you can even do all these things at once, as long as you stay determined and keep your eye on the prize.

Learn something new.

Age is neither a prerequisite nor a hindrance to learning – besides, it can be quite refreshing to add a new element or two in your life! Enrich your knowledge and empower yourself by mastering a new craft or skill – relax with hobbies like cooking or calligraphy, be daring with fitness classes like crossfit or parkour, or stimulate your mind by learning a foreign language or how to do stock exchange – the options are limitless!


Regarding our perspective on life, this means doing away with things that can hinder you from doing something, growing or realising your self-worth. You can start easily by de-cluttering your room and/or office space to clear your head, the move on to more challenging tasks like cleaning up your social media pages or cutting ties with people who have been constantly hurting you – let go of these things and you’ll definitely be on your way to having a healthier mindset and a less stressful life.


As you get rid of the toxic people in your life, re-evaluate your connections and relationships – have you actually been neglecting people who deeply care for you? When was the last time you visited your grandparents or close relatives? How about friends whom you have had lots of good memories with, but hardly ever talk to anymore? A message, a letter or a call (not just on their birthdays!) can re-establish and strengthen your ties with them again. After all, neither time nor distance could truly damage these precious gems worth keeping forever.

Pamper yourself.  

Once in a while, take a breather by actually enjoying some time alone or with your friends! twitter-icon You can spend a day shopping or meditating/exercising, have your favourite meal at your favourite restaurant or go to a salon for a whole day of relaxing and prettifying yourself. Who says total makeovers are just for celebrities and freshly broken hearts? Re-invent yourself with a flattering hairdo or with glam makeup, and those changes will inevitably bring out a more positive and confident you!

What are you waiting for, Skinlovers? Make your ultimate bucket list for 2016 and start ticking off one item after another. The more you can tick off, the happier you will be. Claim 2016 and win at life!

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