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Radiance In A Box With SkinO2’s Cheeky Kiss Box Set - Skin O2

Radiance In A Box With SkinO2’s Cheeky Kiss Box Set

Every Skinlover puts extra effort into caring for their skin in order to feel as fabulous as they can. At SkinO2, we want you to always look and feel as if you’re at your best – and that’s why we’ve come out with the Cheeky Kiss Makeup box set! Each box contains everything you need to give your lips and cheeks a radiant glow, as well as to protect your skin and keep it healthy.

Here are the totally fab reasons why you should get your hands on our Cheeky Kiss Makeup box set:  

 Various Colours

The box set’s contents come in 4 different colours to fit any occasion or style. Peach is perfect for those cheerful, sunny days spent with friends and family. If you want to give off a fun, happy aura then this is the colour for you. Feeling a little mischievous and playful? Try the Blossom colour for a more fresh and cheeky look. The Glo colour gives off a bronze sheen that makes your lips glow like the sun. It’s a perfect complement if you’re planning on getting a tan once summer comes around next year. Plum helps you look younger by giving your lips a vibrant shine that tells the world that you can and will do what you want.

 Lip Liner Pencil

This is your means to a defined and bright pair of fabulous lips. The pencil is retractable and convenient to carry around with you wherever you go. The smooth tip makes application effortless and precise. Your lips will shine with utmost brilliance but still look natural with the pencil’s capability to blend the colours. With this item in hand, you’ll have beautiful lips wherever you go!

 Mineral Makeup Blush and Bronzer 3-in-1

This small package is bursting with beauty! This can be used as your lip colour, blush, or eyeshadow. You can use your finger to apply it on your lips, but a nice makeup brush or sponge would greatly help in spreading the makeup evenly on your cheeks and eyelids. This also protects against pollution and other foreign elements that attack our lips and skin. Chock-full of vitamin C, this set helps strengthen your lips and prevents fine lines.

 Plumping Collagen Lip Gloss

Plump up your lips with this glamourous lip gloss. Packed with long-lasting polymers to help plump up your lips, it also provides a much-needed dose of vitamin E to nurture them, strengthening and adding to the natural beauty of your lips. Once applied, the lip gloss doesn’t make your lips sticky or give that menthol feel that can be uncomfortable at times.

This box set gives you everything you need to get the best results for your lips. It even enhances the parts of the face that greatly complement your lips. You get all of this neatly packed into a single bundle, ready to be used anywhere you go.

Remember that there are variations to fit any time, place, or your personal fashion statement. Never hesitate to try new products to look fabulous, because you’re certainly worth the effort.

Dying to get one of our Cheeky Kiss Box sets? You can find them here along with other SkinO2 products, just for you.

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