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Moisturiser Keeps Your Skin Glowing - Skin O2

Moisturiser Keeps Your Skin Glowing

Starting to feel that bracing chill in the air? Winter has come, and with it loads of fun and fabulousness. Winter wonderland? Yes. For your skin though, not so much. Skinlovers beware – ice isn’t all nice and winter can do some really unpleasant things to your skin.

Never fear – we have some advanced tips and tricks for you to keep your skin looking fresh and fabulous for the season!

Balancing Act

The important thing to remember is your skin needs to be balanced just right. Too much moisture and it becomes susceptible to bacterial infection; too dry and it starts to flake. The key to this entire matter is the balance of moisture. Extremely humid environments will lock in moisture in your skin and create a barrier that inhibits your body’s ability to disperse heat effectively. On the other hand, air-conditioned environments also remove the water found in the air and dries out your skin. Moisturisers can help account for this difference.

Natural vs. Petroleum

Moisturisers aren’t one-size-fits-all, though; thus, it’s also important to consider their ingredients. Some moisturisers that can be bought over-the-counter contain high amounts of petroleum which can further dry out your skin. It’s better to choose moisturisers with natural ingredients to gently smooth over your skin (like SkinO2’s Skin Balancing Cream) and avoids scraping off too much of your body’s natural moisturisers.

Oil is Good

We all hate oily skin – but did you know that oil is one of the best friends we have when taking care of our skin in the winter? Our body has plenty of essential oils that act as a natural shield over our skin to keep moisture in and prevent it from drying out – so take care to avoid harsher skin care products that are otherwise effective during other seasons. Even better, use moisturisers that have natural oils as their ingredients.

Vitamin E is for…

Vitamin E is used primarily in repairing cell and tissue damage, but is also a preventative measure: it helps prevent skin damage during winter too. Winter’s harsh conditions mean that you need the extra Vitamin E in order to keep your skin in the best shape possible. Moisturisers like SkinO2’s Collagen Renewal include Vitamin E can be applied daily or as much as needed to keep the moisture in and heal the skin when that chilly winter air does manage to punch through.

…Exterminating Eczema

And of course, let’s not forget the biggest thing that winter can do to your skin: eczema. While you might think this is a genetic condition, sensitive skin combined with less-than-ideal moisture conditions can bring this about – resulting in dry, brittle, flaking and definitely not fabulous skin. Moisturisers are the biggest defense you have in preventing it, acting as a moisture barrier to help you retain and balance your skin’s moisture levels, along with the aforementioned Vitamin E.

So there you have it – some techniques on how to have the best winter skin care for the season to keep yourself look fresh and fabulous! The weather outside might be frightful but there’s no reason for your skin to look the same way.

Read up on our other tips on how to combat winter’s bite on your skin here, or take a look at the nearest stockists to resupply yourself with all your moisturising needs!

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