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Moisturise Me: 5 Reasons Why Moisturisers are Essential This Winter - Skin O2

Moisturise Me: 5 Reasons Why Moisturisers are Essential This Winter

Winter has arrived – have you noticed any changes in your skin? Has it gone dry, flaky and dull? Don’t worry, for a solution exists in the form of moisturisers for your skin.

How does it battle the common skin problems that winter brings? Read on, Skinlover:

From Dry to “Yay!”

As the chilling weather gets more pronounced, the air gets drier because the humidity also decreases. The result? Moisture is zapped out from the skin and becomes dry and dehydrated! Add up the transition from the cold outdoors to indoor heating systems, our skin becomes chapped, irritated and flaky. Moisturisers act as a protective barrier against the harsh elements.

Dull No More

Our skin can turn dull due to cold weather slowing down cell turnover. The result is keratinised cells, which may be good for the hair but definitely not for the skin. Make sure to exfoliate regularly (you may also add serum) before applying moisturiser.

Breakaway from Breakouts

This problem is typically experienced by people with combination skin, with the dry air forcing skin to increase oil production, and trapped oil also trapping dirt and other irritants – hello skin breakout, our arch nemesis, we meet again. One tip is to double-cleanse to remove the oil, dirt and grime, then do your skin ritual as mentioned previously.

Shoo Away Skin Ageing

There are some people who get complacent in applying SPF during winter. However, no matter how little sunshine is peering through the clouds, UVA and UVB rays will always be present and potentially cause more harm to the skin especially for those who ditch SPFs. It is still critical to have an anti-ageing element in your moisturisers.

Best Moisturiser for the Best You

The trick here is to opt for a moisturiser that is richer, more nourishing and can serve as a protective barrier against the elements. Look for humectants, our friends that promote water retention in your chosen moisturiser. However, you should consider your skin type – while we may need moisture on the skin, too much may bring bad results.

Consider these points and bring out the best and most radiant version of you. It’s your call, Skinlover!

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