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Make Your Eyes Shine Bright Like Diamonds - Skin O2

Make Your Eyes Shine Bright Like Diamonds

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but we here at Skin O2 says behold that beauty in your eyes!

Since our eyes can communicate best our everyday mood and feeling, it is a must that we should take care of them as we prettify them. Do not let your eyes be dull and lifeless; have them draw attention and do the talking through these eye care and makeup tips for you!

Crow’s feet be gone!

Crow’s feet are clusters of tiny lines that form around the eyes. These wrinkles appear as we age because of the lessened production of collagen and elastin, which are both responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

When applying eye cream on the bags, it is best to start from the inner corner, and sweeping upward ONLY – so that our skin’s elasticity won’t wear off. Your eye cream should also give the added relax-and-fill formula to increase the skin renewal around the eyes that gives an instant lift and diminishes dark circles!

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Ditch those dark circles!

When people say you look so tired or stressed out, dark circles are to blame. The culprits for these pesky problem to be more pronounced may range from genes, diet, stress and lack of sleep – and there is also the factor that the skin under our eyes is so thin that it is prone to hyperpigmentation caused by UVA/UVB rays.

We may overlook the skin beneath our eyes when using sunscreen. Opt for a non-stick formula for your sunscreen that won’t smear and irritate your eyes.

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Banish blemishes and redness away!

Allergies, crying and lack of sleep can cause redness and puffiness around the eyes, and excessive rubbing can induce more puffiness and itchiness. After applying an eye cream that decreases puffiness dramatically, use a facial highlighter contains Vitamins C & E – perfect for rejuvenating the skin and covering the redness and blemishes.

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Illuminate and sparkle!

Sometimes, we may do away with a colourful palette and let the colour of your eyes shine through – perfect for a natural day look or even going to the gym. All you have to do is define your brows, highlight your brow bones, and intensify your eyes!

  • For a dramatic arch, define, fill and shape your brows: starting from the centre, work outward towards the tip then go back to the beginning. As for perfect strokes, apply light and short stroke to fill in spaces between brow hairs, then apply more pressure when working towards the underside of the brow.
  • Add highlighter below the brows to accentuate your eyes.
  • There is another way to use your bronzer: apply it on the crease of your brows for an instant lift.
  • Apply mascara as a final touch and an added pop!

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What are you waiting for, Skinlover? Try out these tips and make your eyes shine like diamonds!

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