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How Do You Love Thee: 5 Ways to Love Yourself - Skin O2

How Do You Love Thee: 5 Ways to Love Yourself

With the love spell still captivating us this month, we now focus on the love we show not to others but to ourselves – how much love are you showing to your mind, body and soul? If you are feeling frazzled or out of control, here are some life hacks you can follow to make you fight stress off, breathe easier and feel happier.

Go easy on yourself.

A healthy mindset is your best defence against negativity and bad vibes, and helps you assess your strengths and weaknesses in any situation. If you have been stressing too much about work, money or family problems, try to think about what you CAN and CAN’T do. For the former, proceed with mapping out how to solve your problems from the roots and for the latter, be kind to yourself by accepting that there are some things that we can’t just do as of that particular time – have a talk with or seek help from others to have fresh perspective.

Be proactive with achieving your goals and bucket list.

As disorganised as we tend to be at times, writing things down in a list can actually make us focus on the things that we need to do and achieve. Download to-do apps or use your phone calendar memo for everyday tasks so you feel more in control, and tick off your ultimate goals in your bucket list to feel more alive.

De-stress, physically.

Your problems won’t go away in an instant, nor would they disappear with you just sitting and moping. Try to ease off  a bit the stress and the worries away with these:

  • Mornings will literally give you your much needed breath of fresh air and extra push with these simple breathing exercises, guaranteed to lessen fatigue from your face and body.
  • Have you heard of deskercises? Here are some short exercise routines you can do at your office desks, serving as energy boost and a break from sitting too long!
  • Yoga can help you improve your posture and breath control, and meditation can help you channel your inner peace. Find the right one for you and your lifestyle!

Hydrate at the right times.

Did you know that there are right amounts of water to be consumed at specific times of the day to improve overall health and wellness? Aside from drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day, here are specific points of the day you should be hydrating yourself with at least one glass:

  • Upon waking up: Activates internal organs and flushes out toxins
  • One hour before meals: Aids in digestion and in absorbing nutrients
  • Before baths: Lowers blood pressure
  • Before sleeping: Replenishes any fluid loss that can occur while sleeping

Enjoy a pamper day.

In this fast-moving world, nothing beats a day when you can indulge yourself in simple luxuries like shopping or booking a spa or salon day when you can just relax and prettify yourself! Maximise your shopping experience by taking a look at your closet first and revamping your wardrobe with clothes every woman should have, or shopping online for your skincare and makeup essentials!

Just remember this, Skinlover: Allow yourself to be happy and smile so you will always be the most beautiful version of you!

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