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Guide for Beauty and Wellness This Spring - Skin O2

Guide for Beauty and Wellness This Spring

Spring is in, Skinlover! Enough with the cold and dreary days — let’s welcome the lovely blooms and refreshing air of spring!

As winter approaches its end, it’s time to accentuate the glow that spring brings to the world by bringing it forth from within ourselves! Where is your glow, Skinlover? Here are some beauty and wellness tips to get you going and glowing this season:

Stop and (literally) smell the flowers.

When was the last time you truly noticed the blooms of spring or the laughter of your loved ones? If you’re always on-the-go, you might be caught up in the frenzy of living your life without actually living it.

Now that the world is opening up its beauty to you, have time for yourself to see things as if you were seeing it for the first time; this way, you could fully appreciate the life you have. Walk around a park or a garden and marvel at the bright pinks, yellows, oranges and blues of the flowers. Do this with loved ones and enjoy strolls and picnics with them – immerse yourself in the experience. This is but one of the many ways you can lift your mood and brighten up this spring.

Reconnect with people.

When was the last time you have had a long conversation with a friend, a co-worker or a family member? Having meaningful conversations with them can surely deepen your emotional connection. Invite them for a cup of coffee or tea in shops with a picturesque view or over a hearty meal at home – long bouts of laughter and cheer can add that extra spring in your step every day.

Reconnect with yourself.

Having a rough day at work? That and other stress-inducing events in everyday living may dampen spring and your spirits. Enjoy a long and relaxing bath, and think about the good things that have happened and are happening to you. Pick up a hobby that interests you, or get one of those colouring books for adults where you can let your inner child shine through.

Do some spring cleaning for your space.

Whether we prefer pristine or messy (let’s just call it “organised chaos”) spaces, decluttering every now and then helps us clear our minds. Visit Pinterest and look at some creative DIY projects on how to store winter clothes and other clutter – you could even invite the family to make this a bonding moment!

Do some spring cleaning – this time, for your body and soul.

Spring is the time to get a fresh look and glow well-suited for the season! Enjoy health and meditation exercises that fit your personality and lifestyle such as crossfit, yoga or even simple breathing exercises. For your cleansing rituals, enjoy a flower and/or oil-infused bath and scrape away dead skin cells and other traces of winter. After that lovely bath, it’s time to put together your killer spring look, from makeup to outfit to accessories – show the world the glow and flush that can only come from natural beauty and wellness!

Live, laugh, and glow inside and out – these are the things essential in achieving the state of wellness that you have been aiming for. We are cheering for you, Skinlover!

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