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Eye Care About Winter… Do You? - Skin O2

Eye Care About Winter… Do You?

Many believe that eye care should take place in the spring and summer when the sun is at its strongest, but that’s not necessarily true. Eye care is really for all seasons, and you just need to differ your care routine for each. Now that winter has come, it brings with it a host of things that can freeze over your fab. But no need to shiver, Skinlover – we’ve come to the rescue with plenty of tips and tricks for you to never let go over the winter season!

Here is our list of the top things to watch out for – to keep those eyes looking fierce and fresh through the snow.



One of the most obvious problems in the winter is snow getting into your eyes. Not only can snow be sharp enough to make miniscule cuts in your cornea, more often than not, it also contains other compounds such as dust or other small foreign particles that can get into your eyes and cause infection. Wearing bonnets, scarves or goggles can take care of this problem, while allowing you to still see. 


“Hang on, don’t you only need to worry about UV radiation in the summer?” Not quite. UV radiation is all year all round and is only limited by very few circumstances such as cloud cover, exposure and time of day – and even then, a lot of radiation still gets through. In particular, all the snow can reflect more than half the UV radiation that hits it on any given day, even when it’s overcast. Wearing sunglasses that block more than 90% of UV radiation is a must-have accessory for the winter, as they also help you block the glare from the snow (and look stylish going outdoors.)


Another problem is the general dryness that comes around wintertime. Moisture is an essential part of keeping your eyes healthy – it’s why you blink – and a lot of the measures we can take to keep ourselves warm during the cold months actually dry us out. For example, heating devices often skew the humidity found in the air indoors. Consider getting your home or workplace a humidifier to make sure that your eyes don’t get irritated.

Soup and fish

Cold naturally inhibits our appetite, causing us to not eat or drink as much. Which is bad news – as food keep the fatty acids in place to prevent eye inflammation, while staying hydrated helps with keeping your eyeballs hydrated. Remember to drink some hot soup and eat some fish during the winter months – aside from being excellent sources of Omega-3 and fatty acids to keep your eyes healthy, they’ll also do a great job warming you up.

You can still see winter for the wonderland it is when you follow these easy eye care tips from us! So wrap that scarf, put on those stylish sunglasses or heat up a warm can of soup – the fab never stops, even when the weather’s frightful. See for yourself!

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