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Easy Breezy Skincare Tips for Mums On-the-Go - Skin O2

Easy Breezy Skincare Tips for Mums On-the-Go

Are you a typical mum on-the-go, doing the whole routine of working, getting your kids to school, grocery shopping, taking care of your family, exercising, preparing meals and a lot more? Despite having a busy schedule, you must not neglect yourself and your skin, especially if you are outside most of the time. Have some “me time” and pamper yourself with these easy and breezy skincare tips!

1. Hydrate

Having a bottle of water with you is a must for ultimate hydration, both inside and out. Drinking water regularly provides wondrous benefits to your skin such as a more nourished and brighter complexion, while flushing out toxins and preventing bloating. Add more zest in your water-drinking habit by adding lemon slices – apart from being high in Vitamin, lemon is a natural diuretic.

2. Cleanse

Finding the right cleanser is mandatory, because our skin tends to respond differently depending on the type we use. Get one that gently cleanses and effectively removes makeup. Never go to sleep with makeup on and never forget to include your neck in the cleansing process.

3. Exfoliate

For anti-ageing, to exfoliate means removing the dead topmost layer of your skin that leaves your face dull and lifeless. Most importantly, do this step for your serum and moisturiser to be quickly absorbed by your skin. Use a derma brush to unclog pores more effectively.

4. Moisturise

Being a mom means being active and out in the sun. Whether it is playing outdoor sports with your family or going around town, a lightweight facial tint with SPF30+ is your best bet against the harsh Australian sun.

5. Be fab!

Remember, being a mom doesn’t have to mean being dowdy! Let your skin breathe and your natural beauty shine through by using mineral makeup that provide light but full coverage. Get out in the sun, sweat, and have fun with friends and family! Your makeup can take care of you!

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