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CCIQ Member Skin O2 presents to PNG Delegation - Skin O2

CCIQ Member Skin O2 presents to PNG Delegation

Last May 5th 2017,   Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ ) was invited by the University of Adelaide to be involved in an Australia Awards PNG Program which is being delivered by the University’s Institute for International Trade.  Twenty seven government officials from Papua New Guinea attended this program which is intended to equip them with the knowledge and capabilities to effectively engage in the APEC meetings which are to be hosted in Papua New Guinea in 2018.

Diana Gueorguieva, Manager of International Trade CCIQ,  welcomed the delegation on behalf of CCIQ, followed by: Saikat Barua – Senior International Trade Officer

As part of the CCIQ presentation  Diana G invited CCIQ Member -Alison Atia- Managing Director Skin O2 to address the delegation from a successful Australia  business/exporter perspective.

Alison, who spent a great deal of her childhood in PNG, welcomed the delegation in Pidgin and shared with the delegates the motivation behind her international trade successes. After her presentation, Alison provided each delegate with Skin O2 skin care products.

Diana Gueorguieva – Manager of International Trade asked Alison to draw the lucky winner…Ninisahafo Neheja – Market & Trade Analyst Competitive Market & fair Trade division – PNG Independent Consumer & Competition Commission

The lucky winner was presented with the International Chamber of Commerce  Publication AUS, ICC Model Commercial Agency Contract.

The CCIQ part of the event concluded with photos.

In the networking session after the official part of the event,  the delegates had the chance to further discuss business and trade related matters with the CCIQ International Trade team and their special guest-presenter, CCIQ Member Skin 02

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