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It really all starts with the skin. If makeup is our road to fabulousness, our skin is the stones that we walk on to get there. Good skin means that your makeup will always be at its best, and every Skinlover should know that true fabulousness is just the right level of skin deep.

Here are a few simple tricks that you can follow to get that elusive, silky skin you’ve always wanted.


Your skin needs moisture to keep itself supple and fresh-looking throughout the day. A little moisturiser (especially on a hot day) can never go wrong. For keeping your skin glowing and youthful while revitalising essential skin compounds, a moisturiser like Skin O2’s Collagen Renewal Moisturiser is essential in any Skinlover’s bag.

Get a little nutty (or fishy)

Good-looking skin also depends on what goes inside it – and food is a great place to start. Eating foods like fish, tuna, almonds or nuts can replenish your skin’s natural fatty acids and halts inflammation that can lead to sagging.

De-stress yourself

Stress does a lot of really nasty things to people – but even more to skin. We all know that getting stressed makes you break out into those nasty pimples and acne, but did you know that being stressed can also lead to hair loss, psoriasis and hives? You know what they say: keep your mind stress-free and you’ll keep your skin fresh. A good routine is meditation. Try to keep your mind focused on your own breathing – it relaxes your mind and allows you to give your strained muscles a rest.


It’s true: veggies are good for you. They’re even better at making you look good – some vegetables contain collagen-renewing vitamin C (bell peppers, broccoli and citrus) antioxidants (like carrots and sweet potatoes) and anti-ageing compounds (such as olive oil.) Green, lean, and never mean to your skin, vegetables may be one of your greatest allies in the quest for fabulousness.


This ancient art of relaxation does more than calm the mind and soothe the senses – it also gives your skin a little boost. In particular, positions that promote blood circulation can increase the flow of oxygen to your skin, and the relaxation that you get from performing yoga can lower your stress levels. A simple pose you can do is the “Mountain Pose”: stand with your feet together and distribute your weight through your body. Relax your shoulders. Then raise your hands overhead, palms facing each other keeping your arms straight, and hold for about five to ten breaths.


A lot of factors can contribute to our skin not performing at its best – and sometimes, not perform at all. Exfoliation is a process that our skin does regularly, but sometimes stress, diet or even the environment can cause it to go awry. In this case, exfoliants like Skin O2’s Micro Exfoliator can help get rid of that old skin and restore your youthful glow.

Skip the sodium

One more thing for the food-conscious: too much sodium can cause your skin to become puffy, affecting your features such as your eyes, cheeks and jaws. Foods that are rich in these include junk food like soda, donuts and pizza. Have everything in moderation or switch to diet versions though, and your skin will be just fine.

Those were just a few tips on how to keep your skin healthy! Any Skinlover can apply makeup, but the best ones know that it still comes down to the basics: loving and taking care of your skin itself. Keep on being fabulous!

Is your dry skin stressing you out? Check out SkinO2’s Micro Exfoliator and give back that soft, silky feeling to your skin. Feeling like your skin may need a little more than moisturiser and makeup? Check out all of the other products that can make your skin look even more fabulous over at this page.

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