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5 Winning Winter Makeup Looks Straight from the Runway - Skin O2

5 Winning Winter Makeup Looks Straight from the Runway

Winter is not the season to look drab and ghostly – it’s time for you to glisten like snow and be fabulous! Straight from the runway, we are bringing you these five 2015-2016 Fall/Winter looks for you to mix, match and play around with!

Look #1: Go with Strong Brows

Leave your tweezers alone for this season – strong brows are in! Go bold with face-defining brows: define, fill and shape them with natural-lasting mineral powder and enhance with wax, gels and brushes.

See our Wow Brows tutorial video here to get perfectly shaped brows like the ones models have!

strong browsstrong brows makeup


 Look #2: 50 Shades of Orange/Gold

It’s not yet time to say goodbye to autumn! Experiment with different shades of orange/gold: coral, tangerine, apricot, bronze, honey – name it, they are all the rage on the catwalk! Muted or all glammed up, give your poppers a boost and a whimsical look.

Must-try: Skin O2 Mineral Eyeshadow in Soft Gold



shade of orange makeupshades of gold makeup

Look #3: Glow

The runway shimmers as models saunter with glow on their faces, literally! Work with gloss on your eyes, eyebrows and eyelids and have a luminous face that brightens up your day. Highlight away, Skinlover!

Must-try: Skin O2 Perfect Skin Concealer & Highlighter and Mineral Eyeshadow in Angel White and Nude Pearl

gloss makeupmineral eye shadow makeup

Look #4: Black to Basics

Black eyeliners and intense eyes are making a comeback on the runway. Aside from the usual application, extend it until the lower and inner lids for either go grunge or classic, depending on your preferred look.

Must-try: Skin O2 Long-lasting Pencil Eyeliner for a smooth, easy and no-fuss application

black eyeliner

Look #5: Ultra-bright Foundation

As seen in Fashion Week, let your face radiate beauty and shine brighter through lighter foundation – this works with both classic and grunge looks as a translucent face highlights both the intensity of the eyes and the glow from your highlighter or contouring bronzer!

Must-try: Give your skin natural radiance by applying the all-new and anti-ageing Skin O2 Mineral BB Foundation Fair!

skin bright foundation

Dare to be adventurous, Skinlover! Mix and match these looks for a meeting, a date or if you just want to feel fab – any day, any time! These looks are not just for the fashion catwalk; we can make our own runways anywhere! So glam up, strike a pose, and strut your stuff!


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