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5 Ways to Treat Your Skin Like an Artist - Skin O2

5 Ways to Treat Your Skin Like an Artist

The face is comparable to a blank canvas where we can create a masterpiece through makeup. For a spectacular finish, a canvas needs to be properly prepped and only decorated with the finest selection of paints to make the artist’s vision come to life. Just so, our skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed, properly exfoliated and sufficiently moisturised before putting makeup on. Flawless, glowing skin will always leave everyone in awe of your beauty.

Want to bring out your inner glow and showcase your skin’s smoothness and radiant beauty? Make sure these essential vitamins are found in your skincare products:

Go crazy for Vitamin C

There is a solid reason behind the citrus-infused water craze – and it’s all about Vitamin C! In terms of skincare, Vitamin C is vital for its antioxidant properties as it aids our body’s natural collagen synthesis for restoring damaged skin and reducing wrinkles. However, not all forms of Vitamin C are fully absorbed by the skin. L-ascorbic acid i n particular is what improves skin elasticity through enhanced collagen production and prevents hyperpigmentation, like age spots.

Get a power dose of L-ascorbic acid with the Skin O2 Potent C Serum, which contains active ingredients to protect the skin from free radical damage while promoting collagen growth for firming and toning. It is so friendly to the skin that it can heal sun-damaged, ageing, sensitive, couperose and scarred skin!

Incorporate Coenzyme Q10

This natural antioxidant can neutralise harmful free radicals that hasten skin ageing. Our body has the ability to naturally produce healthy amounts of this enzyme; however, over time, factors such as ageing and stress can decrease its production capacity. To reduce fine lines, boost skin repair and regeneration, look for this gem in products you are planning to use.

To those with sensitive skin, exfoliate with the Skin O2 Micro Cream RP to clear away dead skin cells and unclog pores, leaving your skin feeling smooth, fresh and radiant. Containing Vitamin A and Coenzyme Q10, the Micro Cream also promotes increased cellular renewal and collagen production for that natural tautness!

Peptides for your peepers

Fine lines and dark circles around the eye area are almost inescapable when we get too tired, stressed or if we lack sleep. Sometimes, we cannot simply get away with hiding these imperfections by using concealers alone.

Fortunately, there are products that contain peptides to brighten your eyes and make them sparkle even more. Invest in good eye cream such as the Skin O2 Daily Peptide Eye Cream to help plump, fill and prevent fine lines and by increasing skin renewal around the delicate eye area. This can also be used around the forehead and around the lip area to help lessen the visibility of undesirable facial lines. It is bundled with a free Platinum Eyelift to be applied before the cream, to get that extra and instant lift and look exceptionally vibrant even during early mornings!

Boost hydration with Vitamin B3

Also known as niacinamide, Vitamin B3 is proven to increase fatty acids and ceramides – two known components that strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Aside from providing our skin natural protection from pollutants and other irritants, it also reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, redness and blotchy spots on the face.

The Skin O2 Smooth Skin Moisturiser for sensitive skin comes with Vitamin B3 and other essential oils, making it an effective skin balancing cream, smoothing out roughened skin, unclogging pores, preventing excess keratin and dead cell buildup and reducing oil secretion. Apply this daily to have that clear, smooth and soft skin all throughout the day.

Get ecstatic over Vitamin E

Vitamin E is commonly found in sunscreens, anti-aging moisturisers and skin brighteners, and it yields better results when combined with other vitamins such as A and C. So if you are irritated by acne or experiencing premature signs of skin ageing, give your skin a dose of E and say goodbye to skin inflammation!

Skin O2 MultiVit Cream is a triple-action skin treatment and light moisturiser that combats all signs of skin ageing – your perfect partner to remedy your skin problems. It works best when you apply before and after sun exposure. This is the vitamin cocktail that your skin needs to drink, as its components are easily absorbed all the way down to the bottom layers of the skin.

Investing in good quality skincare is a must, regardless of your age. Keep your skin healthy and youthful just like a smooth, crisp canvas. Always remember to be on the lookout for these recommended combinations of vitamins to keep your skin well-nourished and balanced, despite the effects of other external factors.

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