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5 Tips for Making Your Selfie Game Strong! - Skin O2

5 Tips for Making Your Selfie Game Strong!

In 2013, the word “selfie” was declared Word of the Year by the Oxford English Dictionary. Why wouldn’t it be part of our daily language? On Instagram alone, there are currently 300 million monthly active users, and more than 93 million selfies are taken each day!

Starting next month, selfies will definitely be all the rage, as this also marks the start of party season! Are your look and pose game on to produce the most fab and glamorous selfies? It’s time to find the perfect angles, lighting and makeup tips — post the results on your social media sites and make great memories anywhere, anytime!

Selfie Tip #1: Angle Away!

Show off your best features by finding your best angle! Be it your eyes, cheeks or lips, practice makes perfect as you experiment with your shots. Want to show a slimmer face? Shoot from an angle slightly above you, stick your neck out a little bit and extend your neck a bit upward to remove any signs of double chin. If you want to show your cute top, slant your body and stick one shoulder out and be slim and fab on your next Instagram or Facebook post!

Selfie Tip #2: Let there be light!

Lighting can also make a huge difference as it also defines the mood you prefer for your selfie. As much as possible, use natural light, outdoors or near the windows, and keep it in front of you to soften your features. Using a built-in flash is a big no-no because this is the culprit for a red-eye effect and forehead flares!

Selfie Tip #3: Naturally empower yourself!

Natural light and natural expressions equal many likes and positive comments. One can’t go wrong with smiling – you can go from demure smiles to wide grins! You can also go for calm and collected expressions to show your confidence; smize a little and show fierceness!

Selfie Tip #3: Filter out stress from your face!

Vintage, retro or modern? Filters give a distinct feel to your pictures! Try using post-processing apps such as VSCOcam or PicLab and feel like a pro! If you feel a little washed out, here is a trick for you: use the IG filters Inkwell or Willow and remove signs of stress such as dark circles and fine lines, or Sierra and Rise to soften or soften the blemishes!

Selfie Tip #4: Include family and friends in the fun!

Having “groufie” shots make documenting your life all the more fun and interesting! Capture perfect moments with family and friends on any occasion. What is important is to make sure that the pictures will not look like stock photos – try candid or wacky!

Selfie Tip #5: Make your selfie game strong with makeup!

What is the best way to accentuate your best features for the perfect selfie? With makeup, of course! Win with primer to show more radiance to your face. Shape, fill and lift your brows to define your face more; experiment with romantic or fierce brows! Conceal, highlight and contour to enhance your best angle, and lastly, be sultry with luscious lips (but stay away from making duck faces)!

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