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5 On-Fleek Eyebrow Shapes Perfect For Your Face Shape - Skin O2

5 On-Fleek Eyebrow Shapes Perfect For Your Face Shape

Hey there, Skinlovers! We’re sure you know that your eyebrows can make or break your overall look. True, they’re just a small part of your face — a small part that makes a huge difference! Based on the shape of your face, some eyebrow shapes may work better for you than others. Check out the guide we’ve prepared below and keep your eyebrows on fleek!

Angled Eyebrows

Eyebrows with a sharp angle are quite eye-catching. This is why they are perfect for people with a square-shaped face. This particular facial shape features a prominent jaw; without anything to balance it out, the jaw ends up drawing unwanted attention. Angled eyebrows help de-emphasise the jaw and draw attention to the upper part of the face.

Curved Eyebrows

This type of eyebrow starts with a smooth curve like most other shapes, but ends slightly curving towards the forehead. This gives the face a much softer look, making it perfect for people with a diamond-shaped face. As the name implies, this kind of facial shape is characterised by multiple sharp angles and a wide midsection; thankfully, curved eyebrows provide some much-needed counterbalance for both of these traits.

High Arch Eyebrows

Eyebrows like these arch at a very high point, and usually consist of straight lines towards the peak of the brow. Anyone looking at these eyebrows is more likely to look up and down the face rather than from side to side, making them well-suited for round-faced people. High arch eyebrows make the face seem longer and less rounded by adding more vertical lines for the eye to follow. However, this kind of eyebrow style is ill-suited for people with a long facial shape, as this will only serve to exaggerate their facial length.

Rounded Eyebrows


This type beautifully complements the heart face shape — imagine your chin as the bottom tip and your eyebrows as the double arches, and when they’re taken together, they form a full heart. This type also gives the face a softer, more feminine look, balancing out the hard angles that are attributed to the heart face shape.

Straight Eyebrows

These eyebrows are flat with almost no curve at all. If there is an arch, it is usually too small to attract attention. This eyebrow shape is perfect for the long face shape because of how it directs the eyes to the sides of your face rather than to the top and bottom. This eyebrow shape is not recommended for those with a round face shape, as your face will look wider.

With the right choice of eyebrows, any Skinlover will look positively dazzling, no matter what facial shape they possess. Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you can confidently go out there and show your face to the world!



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