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5 Essential Winter Skincare Tips - Skin O2

5 Essential Winter Skincare Tips

Winter is here!

We all know very well that from autumn, our skin can get very tight, dry and flaky as the snow falls – and not preparing a battle plan against this harsh season could bring extra damage to it, like eczema. And we don’t want that, do we?

Don’t you worry, Skinlovers! Unleash your inner Princess Elsa and sing, “The cold never bothered me anyway!” with these simple yet super effective tips to protect your skin at the onset of winter:

1. Cleanse more gently.

This season, you wouldn’t want to strip off natural oils from your skin. Aside from gentle cleansers, you might opt to use Skin O2 Cleansing Wipes to effectively remove makeup and at the same time refresh, hydrate and tone the skin.

 2. Heal and repair damaged skin.

Who says that only we need food? Our skin does, too! Feed your skin with vitamins and minerals – you don’t want it to be ill by having dull and dry skin. Try the Skin O2 Multi-Vit Cream that contains Vitamins B, A, C & E + Green Tea, Rosehip Oil & CO Q10.

 3. Moisturise more than enough.

Harsh winds that winter brings can cause roughened skin. Select a moisturiser that doesn’t clog the pores and that contains humectants (e.g. sorbitol, glycerin, AHA) – such moisturisers promote moisture retention, as well as being good anti-ageing creams. After exfoliating, use Skin O2 Collagen Renewal Cream to protect your skin from the elements while enhancing your winter glow.

 4. Still bring your sunscreen wherever you go.

Though we are saying goodbye to the sun, don’t say goodbye to your sunscreen! Keep in mind that the winter sun and snow glare may still damage the skin so always have one in your bag! For a natural and healthy glow that can highlight your rosy cheeks, use the Skin O2 Sunscreen Facial Tint.

 5. Hydrate for your health.

To battle colds and flu, it is best that we drink a lot of water; not only is this good for our overall health but also for our skin health. Also, try to retain as much water inside by hooking up humidifiers along with your central heating systems and space heaters, as this help maintain a more even moisture dispersion that benefits your skin.

Seasonal transitions can be so harsh for you and your skin. As said, “Prevention is better than cure.” Have the healthiest skin this season by following these tips and revolutionise the way you take care of your skin this winter.


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