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4 OMG Tips to Making Your Best Features Pop Out - Skin O2

4 OMG Tips to Making Your Best Features Pop Out

Tired of your everyday makeup look? Why not try to play it up for people to say, “OMG, don’t you look fab today!”

Playing with your makeup doesn’t necessarily mean using most of your products at the same time – learn the art of minimalist makeup looks by accentuating just one feature! Choose below according to your preferred look or mood, and colour away!

Eyes: Windows of the Soul

They say ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, but why not make them lovelier to those who see you? Your pretty irises will pop out more when you choose shades that complement them:

  • Blue: Blue eyes are striking already so go for softer shades like peaches, light plums and corals.
  • Brown: Greens, bronzes and neutrals bring out lighter flecks in your eyes.
  • Grey: Smoky and sooty shades like misty grey or silvery blue makes this shade more ethereal.
  • Green: It is such a vibrant colour already that applying it muted or with a bit of shimmer can enhance it – muted purples and shimmery browns/bronzes do the trick.
  • Dark Brown/Black: Oranges, coppers and smoky hazes are some you can try for this naturally sultry shade.

As a final touch, frame your pretty peepers with well-defined eyebrows, mascara and eyeliner, and mix and match the depth and application to your preference!

Lips: Pout and Pucker up!

With lips being plump and luscious, it adds life to your face when you don’t have enough sleep or just having a rough day! Just remember to apply a smoothing balm to keep them moisturised, then choose the shades that best suit your skin colour and mood!

  • Fair: Deep or bold reds
  • Olive: Most nude, reds, oranges and pinks
  • Darker: Deep plums, reds and berries

If you want to have a playful vibe, you may add a bit sparkle and shine on your lips by applying lip gloss or highlighter!

 Cheeks: Be Cheeky and Rosy!

Not only do blushes give that added colour for a healthy glow on your face, they also make your jawbone more defined to give you a more composed look for meetings or special/formal events. It is recommended for you to use big/wide brushes instead of those that come with your blush – smile and apply the blusher onto the apples of your cheeks in upward strokes, then add shimmer on top to define it more!

 What are you waiting for, Skinlover? Try it now and let others be drawn to you and your best facial feature any time of the day!

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