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3 Beauty Horror Stories You’d Never Want to Happen to You - Skin O2

3 Beauty Horror Stories You’d Never Want to Happen to You

Screams, spooky parties, and spine-chilling stories  – it turns out these are no longer a makeup lover’s biggest concern during Halloween. Apparently, they dread something worse now – makeup fails!

On your next Halloween party, go for any costume you like! Just make sure you avoid these makeup mishaps so you can enjoy and have a flawless Halloween escapade!

 1. The Spooky Ghost

 Ever heard of a makeup flashback? If you haven’t, you NEED to take note of this. A makeup flashback happens when a foundation or a face powder contains silica. This ingredient gives a flawless finish in natural light, but gives your face a white cast under direct flash.

This is every makeup beginner’s mistake and it happens to the best of us. Take a look at this photo of the ever so beautiful Angelina Jolie:

Photo by Wenn | via Style Caster

Here’s another one of the singer, Miley Cyrus:



Photo by Getty Images | via Style Caster

So unless you’re going as Casper to your Halloween costume party, use Skin O2’s  Bake Face Matte Translucent Powdertwitter-icon This mattifies your skin and locks in your makeup with its feather light and traceless formula. This doctor-formulated and dermatologically tested powder is the go-to, fool-proof product for events where you need to look your best!

2. The Zombie Bride

Paramount Pictures | via Buzzfeed

This ranks as one of the worst rookie mistakes for makeup lovers, too! There’s nothing wrong with rocking your Halloween look with your eyeliners and mascara – just make sure they’re waterproof. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a zombie-panda hybrid look – yikes!
Be sure to use smudge-proof and water-resistant products to maintain your smokey eye and not turn it into an eye-bag look in a few hours. Check out Skin O2’s pencil and liquid eyeliners and mascara for a stress-free party! Once these products are set, they won’t move or budge all night long.

3. The Cakey Clown


Photo from Leyla Rose

With the wrong product and technique, your makeup look can go from a Halloween costume to a Halloween nightmare. Packing too much of the wrong foundation on your problem areas can create a cakey effect on your skin which accentuates your imperfections instead of hiding them.

You can check out this blog to know more about seamless foundation application.

The best way to solve this problem, though, is to get proper treatment for your skin woes. Skin O2 offers free consultations to assess your skin and its issues. Don’t hesitate to call them at +61 7 5593 4488 (Australia).

Look at this amazing 4-month transformation of a Skinlover:

Using doctor-formulated, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free products under the care of a professional, you’ll get clear skin to avoid the cakey makeup look! 

Don’t miss out on Skin O2’s makeup tricks (or treats!) by reading our beauty blogs. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (@skino2au) and subscribe to our Youtube channel (Skin O2)!

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Take a photo of your Halloween makeup haul and look (and don’t forget to tag us when you do)!

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