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    Acne scarring can be a real bummer - so learn how to tackle this unique form of skin pigmentation so you can get back to clear, calm skin in no tim...

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  • Smooth Skin Moisturiser - Skin O2
  • Spot Cream + GWP Concealer (Zit Kit) - Skin O2

Level up your skincare game with natural mineral skincare enriched with high-performance anti-aging star performers. Skin O2’s Doctor formulation utilizes encapsulated vitamins & skin-soothing ingredients safe & suitable for all skin types; including sensitive skin, rosacea, acne prone, oily, dry, sun-damaged, and scarred skin.  More than just your standard skincare cleansers & moisturisers these are Doctor formulated cosmeceuticals that get you real results.

The Skin O2 skincare products can be used as part of your current daily skin routine to help... Read More

Treating congestion & breakouts

BHAs, Vitamin A/Retinol, Salicylic acid, Benzoyl Peroxide & New break through ingredient - BAC (Benzoyl Sodium Chloride) 

Try SkinO2 Gel cleanser with glycolic acid, for a moisturiser with retinol Try SkinO2 Multi vit cream. To target breakouts and reduce pimples, try SkinO2 Spot Cream & Clear Skin Primer Gel to help keep skin clean, fresh & clear. Pair these skincare products with SkinO2 Eco Cleansing Pads and or SkinO2 Cleansing Brush Device for optimum results. If using makeup, only use non pore clogging mineral makeup & acne friendly makeup like SkinO2 mineral foundation or mineral concealer pen. A quick way to start your clear skin journey is to shop the SkinO2 Clean Skin Pack. It has all the daily essentials for oily, acne prone skin. For a healthy, non pore clogging, acne friendly  makeup choice, try the SkinO2 mineral makeup starter pack. 

Firming the skin & reducing redness

Firming the skin: Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Licorice Extract & Ceramides. Try SkinO2 Peptide Eye Cream + Free eyelift, Collagen Moisturiser, Serum kits, Derma Fill Gel & Hand & Body Cream. Step up your skincare results with SkinO2 advanced technology skin devices. Try SkinO2  RF & LED Wrinkle Eraser Pen to firm the delicate eye area & SkinO2 Skin Gym for electro muscle stimulation microcurrent therapy to lift, tone & define your facial features 

Reducing redness: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, 24K Gold, Aloe Vera, Calming plant extracts & no synthetic, toxic fragrances, talcs, dyes or irritating fillers like oxy bithmus chloride. Try The SkinO2 gentle Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Spritz , Plus C Serum kit, Derma fill Gel, & luxury 24K Gold HA Sleep Mask. Makeup is an important extension of your skincare, use SkinO2 Mineral BB cream, long wear foundation and or mineral powder. All SkinO2 mineral makeup contains calming & soothing natural vitamins & minerals to help treat & protect the skin. All SkinO2 skincare and makeup is free from irritating fragrances and toxic ingredients.

Keeping the skin, strong, plump and hydrated

Hyaluronic Acid, Beta- Glucans Hydrolyzed Collagen, Ceramides, Vitamin B, including Niacinamide & 24K Gold.

Try SkinO2 Cream Cleanser, Micro Scrub, Hydrating Spritz,  Hyaluronic Serum. Collagen Filler Moisturiser, Hand & Body Cream, Nourishing Rose Soap Bar & 24K Gold HA + Collagen Sleep Mask, Derma Fill Gel. For a healthier skincare makeup try SkinO2 Radiance Mineral Primer with peptides and hyaluronic acid or a hydrating makeup like SkinO2 Mineral BB cream.

During pregnancy & breastfeeding

Hyaluronic acid &  Licorice Extract, Aloe Vera & Plant stem cells & Peptides. All SkinO2 skincare home products are safe to use during pregnancy & breast  feeding. For anti-aging injectable alternatives during pregnancy, try SkinO2 Hydrating Spritz, Serum & mask kits, Hyaluronic Serum, Plus C Serum, Derma fill Gel, 24KSleep Mask, Peptide eye cream to reduce dark circles & eye bags or shop quick and easy anti ageing bundles. Pair skincare serums with techy beauty devices like SkinO2 Derma Roller.

Treating pigmentation

Licorice Extract,Vitamin A/Retinol, AHAs, Sunscreen. 

Try SkinO2 Ultra Glo Serum Kit, with licorice plant stem cells & vitamins, Multivit Moisturiser which contains hydro encapsulated retinol, Micro Exfoliating Scrubs containing glycolic acid AHA. For enhanced results, pair your Pigmentation Serum with a Beauty Device like SkinO2 

Derma Roller Micro Needle, sing a safe & comfortable home size micro skin needling device will help increase the ingredient absorption. Always use pigmentation products with sun protection to help protect from further sun damage. Try SkinO2 Facial tint moisturiser 30+ which has UVA & UVB protection. 

Preventing pigmentation

Vitamin C & Sunscreen 

Try SkinO2 Plus C Serum kit, Facial tint 30+ moisturiser & SkinO2 mineral makeup which contains natural mineral powder sun protection & MAP Vitamin C, A, K & E. SkinO2 

BB cream or Mineral longwear Foundation also has natural mineral sun protection with added vitamins & plant stem cells to help brighten your complexion and even your skin tone.