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Scar Pack

This scar pack was my life saver. So happy my Doctor recommended to me to use after my surgery. It is the perfect combination of products for healing my small scars from my BCC removals!

- Alissa

Kit includes

Kit includes:

• Multi Vit Cream 

• Sunscreen Facial Tint SPF 30

How to use

1: Step 1. After Bandages are removed. To clean skin apply and massage in 2-4 drops of Multivit Cream on around the scar area  to assist in skin regneration and repair.  

2: Step 2. Once the Multivit cream is absorbed, apply the the Skin O2 broad spectrum suncreen SPF across the same area to help protect the scar area from darkening. Sun exposure can darken your scars which can make your scar more noticable. Avoid sun exposure and wear protective clothing.